Our aim is to offer healthy and tasty food in a cosy ambiance,
served by welcoming and smiling staff.

The Quality Department

The quality department makes sure that our practices comply with the current regulations. It also strives for a continual improvement approach with a special emphasis on environmental protection issues.

We evaluate our food safety requirements each quarter by auditing our restaurant, as well as subjection our products to microbiological studies in an independent certified lab.

Certified Ingredients

We carefully select ingredients from our suppliers who develop their products by respecting the manufacturing process in compliance with the sanitary program. They also put in place self- tests of their own process and they also have a very efficient traceability system.

We make sure these specifications are respected thanks to the audit of our own manufacturers. Our ingredients are also subject both to the microbiological, chemical and physical analysis.


Our smiling, dynamic and pleasant staff welcomes and listens to our customers in a very pleasant and clean environment. The staff are always keen on advising the customers and satisfying their needs by being quick, efficient and warm.

Our staff are regularly trained on service quality and Pomme de Pain standards.

We assess these standards on a quarterly basis thanks to mystery shoppers.